Jen's challenge: Keeping her mouth shutMy wisdom teeth extraction went very well. I attribute that to my oral surgeon, Dr. Moses, his team, and the nitrous oxide and anesthesia. I didn't feel a thing, I barely knew what was going on. I did, however, cry when I had to pay the bill, set up my follow-up appointment, and ask for the prescriptions to be called into my pharmacy. It was basically three too many things for me to be thinking about.

In case any of you needs to get your wisdom teeth taken out, here are the going rates for a Park Avenue oral surgeon. Keep in mind, each case is different.

Wisdom teeth atop cool plastic teeth container- Extraction: $300 (tooth #1)
- Impaction: $500 (tooth #32)
- Collagen to plug the hole to sinuses: $400
- IV Anesthesia: $350
- Guided tissue regenration (to cover hole to sinuses): $150