The NY State Federation of Taxi Drivers announced that livery cab drivers will be increasing their minimum base fares from $5 to $6. This move comes after the yellow cab fares increased at the beginning of May. Gothamist says "whatever," because we've made it a point not to take livery cabs from the street, as livery cab drivers tend to be even more renegade and crazy than yellow cab drivers, insisting that you pick up another fare along the way the airport, and when we call for them, they might not even show up to take us to the airport.

The taxi fare increase, with the $1 afternoon/evening rush hour surcharge in particular, has caused yellow cabs to come out in full force in the afternoon. Taxi passenger marvel at this, telling the Daily News, "There are a lot more available. It's worth the extra dollar." The Daily News also looks at how long it takes to hail a taxi in certain parts of Manhattan (Herald Square: 1 minute; Columbus Circle: 1 minute 40 seconds). Gothamist did notice an insane amount of available taxis in Midtown East, it almost seemed like it was 1AM on a Saturday night.

How has the taxi fare increase been working out for you? The Other Page on not being able to afford the luxury of taxi rides to work in the morning. And even Gawker is appalled by the cost of taxis.