annie.gifThat Annie was such a jokester! There ain't goin' to be any sun tomorrow. Tomorrow's weather is goin' to be crap. It should be rainy and windy. A cold front will pass through around noon and our temperatures will decrease throughout the day. There's a slight chance o' snow later in th' day.

Annie was tough but Gothamist is a wimp. Gosh, we won't be ridin' around in Daddy Warbucks' limo so we're goin' tuh break out the wine and thermal underoos on Wednesday as it will be cold 'n windy. The best that can be said about this front is that it will bring lots o' polar microbes to town.

The Weather Service has been speculating that a big coastal storm may hit this weekend. It is still too early to tell, but if it is big enough it may be our ticket to endin' th' cold weather.