You'll recall that just before Labor Day Weekend, a pair of adorable kittens frolicking on the train tracks brought subway service to a standstill in Brooklyn for several hours. Kitties August and Arthur were eventually safely rescued, and found themselves briefly used as a talking point in the mayoral race. Now, Animal Care and Control say the 10-week-old kittens are ready to be adopted—and thankfully, they won't be separated: "They really are bonded and love being together, and that's why we want them adopted into the same home," AC&C's Richard Gentles told the News.

“While still a bit shy, Arthur and August are playful and sweet kittens, whose trouble-making days aren’t entirely behind them — though the trouble they’re up to now is on a much smaller scale than the kind that made the headlines over the summer,” AC&C said in a release. The kitties were being fostered by Steven Liu in Bushwick since September, but they've now been moved to the AC&C care center in Manhattan. Adoption specialists expect there will be a flood of applications for them, so they're already trying to narrow down potential homes: "We would prefer them to go to a home with no kids, or older kids, simply because it would make for an easier transition," Gentles added.

"They're pretty similar in personality," he said. "When they get into a new home, they'll probably be a little shy and hide. Once they get acclimated, they'll start venturing out." If you are interested in applying for them, you can email And if you need any more convincing that these kittens are adorable, just check some of Liu's posts on them, and the video of Arthur giving a cat massage below.