2005_11_catradio.jpgThe big cat isn't backing down! But neither is the rat, as the musicians' union at Radio City Hall decided to go on strike the night before the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. Last night's preview performance had to be cancelled, incurring the wrath of tourists who traveled to see it; Radio City Music Hall is offering to exchange the tickets for other performances. And what's more, the union claims that the Rockettes will go on strike with them in solidarity (though there's some question as to whether or not the Rockettes have a no-strike clause in their contact - we'll know soon enough). At any rate, the stagehands union is honoring the picket line today...will these mean the camels and sheep honoring the picket line todayare running rampant, as the first show is scheduled for 11AM today. And Radio City Music Hall says it is using a recorded score while the musicians are on strike, but one orchestra musician says, "It's the difference between real flowers and fake flowers."