2005_12_braunstein.jpgThe moment that you thought the Peter Braunstein story couldn't get crazier, it does. Sure, there were reports of the suspected attacker of a Chelsea woman being spotted in Brooklyn (bring in the search dogs!) and then the journalist is in Ohio, posing as a movie producer, as the police determine that he has purchased various police-type badges on eBay. And now, his half-brother shames him on the cover of the Daily News. If anything, Allan Starkie's emergence gives even more context as to why Braunstein, who has been portrayed as fame-monger, might be off his rocker.

"He's so incredibly jealous of me," Starkie said of Braunstein. "When he was doing mediocre in school, I had been selected for the Olympic team in fencing... When I started getting involved with the royal family, Peter was in school, dating a stewardess."

Sibling rivalry at the root of all of this? This makes it a Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode now...or maybe it's a Law & Order crossover bonanza, with episodes on both L&O straight up, L&O: Special Victims Unit, and L&O: CI!

The NYPD is still looking for Braunstein - maybe you've seen the wanted posters in subway stations (we saw one either at Columbus Circle or in Brooklyn). Gothamist was wondering why wanted posters of him, versus many other criminals; we guess it's because the police think he'll crack soon.