There are many stories that inspire and then tire us (Pale Male, we love you, but we're looking at you; the murder trial of Daniel Pelosi; Guy Velella), so it's tough to chose ones with staying power. Right now, Gothamist is loving the unfolding mysteries wrapped within riddles, hidden in enigmas in Bernard Kerik's life. It puts the pulled-from-the-bootstraps mythology of his rise next to the realities of patronage and what-Rudy-wants. Gothamist finds it amusing that departing Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says another former NYC police commissioner, William Bratton, would be a good fit for the job - hey, White House, you better vet him, because apparently the Giuliani administration wouldn't have. But we get why Giuliani's advisers probably didn't tell him that Kerik had these holes in his background, Giuliani would have probably pitched a fit. The other crazy thing is that Giuliani is acting morally superior to Kerik while he basically started another affair while still married to Donna Hanover. All told, we can't get enough of it, at least until the next quarter.

The Daily News has great coverage, especially since they're crowing from breaking much of the story. The NY Times pondered about who Kerik's nanny is and here's Newsday's special section dedicated to the the Kerik mess; also check out Kerik's bio at Giuliani Partners and his love nest via Curbed.