Who knew there was so much to say about Staten Island. Slate writer Jonah Weiner has written a breathless piece on The Island of Self-Identifying Guidos — tying it all together with three central characters: Angelina, Vinny and The Situation. That's right, three Jersey Shore cast members are, unsurprisingly, from there (if you can even count Angelina, who left the show early due to a sudden case of being terrible). The author notes that while Staten Island can be a historical haven for mobsters, "it is best known today as Planet Guido," and nothing we've seen on the big or small screen has done anything to negate that image. While other boroughs can lure city folk to their far-off corners, Staten Island has had less success — being "politically, culturally, and sociologically the strangest bedfellow in the city's ménage à cinq." But who's to blame — has pop culture single-handedly created the stigma the island can't seem to shake? [via Curbed]