The Standard Hotel may be able to handle some skin... as long as it's not leather. Following all the attention they've gotten for their exhibitionist guests (and staff), the Villager reports the hotel on the High Line didn't want the West Village Leather and Bear Street Fair coming near their doors, even though it won unanimous approval from Community Board 2.

Robert Valin, executive director of the event, told the paper, “The whole thing has been a complete nightmare for me.” He was informed by the Mayor’s Office recently that West 13th Street was no longer an option because the Standard Hotel doesn’t feel the event “fits the image of the hotel.” Yes, if we've learned anything in the past weeks, it's that the Standard is known for its prudish behavior.

With the fair only six weeks away, Valin says, "We don’t think it’s going to happen this year—and it’s because of the Standard Hotel.” Oh Andre Balzas, your kinky customers would probably benefit from "the group’s goal to educate folks on BDSM—such as proper rope-tying, whipping and basic spanking techniques." And this could make your window displays much more interesting! Think about it, but in the meantime, watch your back; the head bear says, “I think we’d like to do a lot more to Andre Balazs at this point. I think a St. Andrew’s cross would be involved.” [via Curbed]