There are a lot of different circumstances in which you might find yourself standing outside the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking district: You are enjoying a lovely summer day taking in the beautiful view from the not-yet-crowded rooftop; You are wasting a Saturday night in a crowded line surrounded by bros trying to get into a friend's birthday; You are Beyonce.

Or, maybe, you're a civic-minded passerby determined to do your part to participate in our democratic processes.

That's the idea behind the Standard's new #RingYourRep initiative, which debuted in the hotel's plaza on 13th Street early Thursday morning. Inside a bright red phone booth, guests and non-guests can now access a direct line to the U.S. Capitol switchboard, with the goal of making it easy to call up your representatives and let them know how they're doing. And if you've never done this, the hotel provides an easy-to-follow script for getting through to the congressional staffer on the other end.

(The Standard)

"We saw a groundswell of engagement with political and social issues amongst our staff, our guests, and our community following the election," a spokesperson for The Standard told Gothamist. "We wanted to offer our support and utilize our platforms and our venues as a place for them to get involved and be heard."

It's not the first time the fashionable hotel has entered the political sphere. Back in March, the company released a 10-part action plan, with recommendations like supporting Black Lives Matter and downloading the Indivisible Guide, among other progressive causes.

Asked if the hotel had received any pushback for their foray into activism, the spokesperson said that #RingYourRep isn't intended to "polarize our guests to one political spectrum or another."

"We want to encourage our guests, our staff, and the public to make their voices heard on the issues that matter to them," the representative added. "Whether that be health care, the environment, immigration, LGBTQ rights, or education, #RingYourRep is a way for us to provide a public and in-room platform to encourage positive, productive activism.”

The phone booth will be on site until further notice.