We wrote about someone we called "The Splasher" splattering - and essentially damaging - street art back in January. Since then, we've been following the Splasher's activities, as well as how street artists are reacting. Now the NY Times enters the Splasher fray again, this time with an article, "Defacer With Mystery Agenda Is Attacking Street Art" and a big front-of-Metro-section photograph of one of the Splasher's attacks in the Lower East Side. Sorry, we couldn't resist!

Update: Question from Gideon Fink Shapiro - Is there any irony in this guerilla [anti-]artist's receiving prominent recognition from the city's most respected, "bourgeois-liberal" newspaper? Pointedly, the article appears not in the Arts Section, but Metro / NY region. In its first mention of the Splasher (in late January), the Times referred to the Splasher as a vandal. Now, it's the "unknown protagonist."

In more recent Splasher news, it looks like he hit the Neckface ad at Bleecker and Lafayette Street.

See more Splasher pictures on Streetsy. And is it weird that when we found out the green paint on a building at Wooster and Grand was from Katsu, not the Splasher, we suddenly had a craving for katsudon?