2008_04_sildaeliot.jpgThe NY Post caught former governor Eliot Spitzer and Silda Wall Spitzer at NYU Medical Center yesterday evening. The Post has a photo gallery and wonders, "Could it have been couple's therapy?"

The Spitzers had different seating arrangements in their chauffeured Lexus: Spitzer was sitting in the front seat when the car picked up his wife from their 5th Avenue home (she sat in back), but when picked up from NYU, the Spitzers sat in the backseat together. But before they left NYU Medical Center, someone "recognized [Spizter] and offered some kind words."

The former First Couple of NY State had been upstate shortly after Spitzer resigned from the Governor's office to avoid the press. But yesterday Wall Spitzer was also seen in Central Park earlier, smiling and laughing with a friend and the friend's children. And fashion note: She was rocking the draped silky scarf-and-blazer look again.