Those blogs, they're so hot right now. How hot are they? So hot that even the college newspapers are getting in on the action now.

So let's give a hearty web-welcome to the Columbia Spectator's newest additions: the Specblogs. Not content to introduce just one blog, the Spectator has gone and created three of them, and the mashed 'em up. They've got a photo blog for you, an editorial blog, and an irreverent blog called the Steps. And more to come, they say.

The blogs themselves are still in their infancy, as is the design from what we can tell, but the kids are at least trying. And it's always nice to see the student papers keeping up with their professional counterparts (though we vaguely, and very possibly incorrectly, remember the Washington Square News trying the same thing awhile back and failing miserably). We look forward to seeing what comes of this...

Update: The Spectator wasn't the only Columbia publication to add some blogs this week. Seems the schools undergraduate literary magazine, the Blue and White, also launched a blog, cleverly titled the Bwog. Check it out.