2007_05_scafcol.jpgMaybe it's just the law of numbers at work, given the amount of construction - new and renovation - that is happening in the city. But in the past hour, there have been four separate incidents of buildings/scaffolding collapsing:

  • Queens: A wall collapse on 109th Street of building under construction; two people reported injured.
  • Manhattan: A scaffolding collapse at Franklin & Greenwich; unknown if there are injuries.
  • Manhattan: Falling debris at 53 Orchard Street off a building under construction onto a car; unknown if there are injuries.
  • Brooklyn: A partial collapse of a building on Quincy and Stuyvesant; a minor structural collapse of a vacant building; unknown if there are injuries

And according to the Gothamist Newsmap, there were other collapses this morning.

Update: Of course, the collapses must be because of the wind! Two more:

    Manhattan: Scaffolding collapse at 225 Rector Street.
    Brooklyn: An all-hands scaffolding collapse West 9th Street at Bay Parkway; apparently there's 100 feet of collapsed scaffolding at the old Marlboro movie theatre that is under demolition. No injuries so far.

Photographs by Verbose Coma of the scaffolding collapse (due to wind) last fall