Finally back from the depths of the convention to the kind of reporting Gothamist knows and loves from the NY Times: A story about wearing miniskirts on the subway - the etiquette, the opportunities costs, the freedom. With miniskirts hemlines high-high-high, issues like making sure one's bum and legs aren't contacting the subway seat and blocking others' views come up. It also seems that owning one miniskirt causes a need to own more and more, sort of multiplying like Gremlins. One problem Gothamist realizes the article does not touch upon is the issue of going upstairs, with people behind (ha!) you, especially when you're wearing one of those cute but not very flattering flouncy minis; our feeling is that you should just run up those stairs fast - but be careful. Sadly, there's nothing in the MTA's Rules of Conduct that discourages leers.

A great subway resource: NYC Subway.