Welcome to the dumb fan hall of fame, Frank Martinez! Martinez was arrested on Friday after he shined a high-powered flashlight onto Shea Stadium's field during the Mets-Braves game. Martinez used a Streamline flashlight to bother Braves pitcher Tim Hudson and shortstop Edgar Renteria, and second base umpire Paul Emmel had to call a timeout because he was "visually impaired."

2007_04_dumbfan.jpgMartinez, an exterminator, was ejected from the game and a former neighbor told the Post he was thrown out of his Bronx apartment because he used scream "M! E! T! S!" over and over again. Queens DA Richard Brown's statement said, "The defendant allegedly used a high-intensity flashlight that is more commonly used for tactical and self-defense purposes to interfere with the play of last night’s game at Shea Stadium. In a game in which the ball can travel upwards of 110 miles per hour, the defendant’s alleged actions were dangerous to both spectators and players. This was definitely not the defendant’s most shining moment.”

At what would have been Martinez's arraignment, Judge Joseph Zayas had to excuse himself because he was watching the game and saw Martinez escorted out: "He's entitled to be arraigned before a judge who has no prior knowledge of the facts." Martinez faces up to a year in jail and a $5,000 for interfering with a sporting event and second-degree reckless endangerment.

Fun fact: The interference of a professional sporting event law was passed in 2005 after the 2003 incident where fashion designer Calvin Klein grabbed Latrell Sprewell's arm during a Knicks game.

Photograph of umpire Paul Emmel helping a security guard locate overzealous fan Frank Martinez during Friday night's game by Julie Jacobson/AP