Pamela KaichenApparently the Blonde Bank Robber Babe, Pamela Kaichen, who was captured yesterday, uses September 11 as her excuse, her raison-d'etre, for robbing banks for about $10,000. The Daily News says she would refer to September 11 in her heist line: At one bank, she said, "I lost a loved one on Sept. 11," and at another, “You listen good. I went through the Sept. 11 attack, and I’m very angry today. Don’t make a sound or everyone is going to die.”

Kaichen's family members don't think she knew anyone was died during the attacks but she had worked as a volunteer and was very upset by them. Additionally, "Raised in Maine, Pam Kaichen drifted between New York and New England for years, trying to find a place in the tight-knit, highly competitive equestrian world, friends said."

The Post notes that everyone, friends, families, neighbors, is shocked at her behavior and that she was busted earlier in the day of her arrest for not wearing a seat belt.

Hmm, the September 11 defense. Not the first time we've heard it, not the last time.