2005_06_chuckschumer.jpgNewsday had some photographs of various politicans at the Gay Pride Parade, and we stopped in our mouse-scrolling tracks when we saw this picture of Senator Charles Schumer. Gothamist thought it might be former Mayor Ed Koch, but it was actually our senior senator from Brooklyn! Now, aside from Chuck not having an aide make sure the Senator isn't posing in unflattering angles, we're concerned because he seems to have really let himself go (here's a photo from when he got married). Or maybe his suits are so impeccably tailored that they mask the middle age spread. Schumer is an avid bicyclist (though he doesn't wear spandex), so we're hoping he gets to bike a little more when Congress recesses for the summer. Maybe Marty Markowitz should bring back Lighten Up Brooklyn, the borough-wide diet program.