Recent news on our favorite local reality show, The Race for City Hall:
- The NY Times thinks Fernando Ferrer's new ad campaign effectively "tell his life story and hit his main campaign themes." Basically, Ferrer is a man of the people, having worked his way through school, and is committed to making the lives of New Yorkers (notably whites, black and Latinos, as seen in the ads). The ads apparently feature photographs of him as a youngster; Gothamist hopes to see a photo of a baby Freddy with mustache.
- Today, Anthony Weiner officially announced his campaign for Mayor. So, all of his talk up until this point has been exploratory? Let's hope that he can actually make a debate in the future, though he's probably right not to let his Congressional seat get too cool, as he's pretty much last of the four Democrats.
- The Mayor expressed his desire for Governor Pataki to sign the morning-after pill legislation.
- City Council Speaker Gifford Miller criticized the Board of Ed and the Mayor in a report that questioned breaking down high schools into smaller schools. This is where Miller has an edge over Ferrer - he's actually in office right now, stopping or proposing legislation to rankle/criticize Bloomberg. While Ferrer might have a substantial lead right now over Miller, Weiner and Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields, we think Miller will gain momentum this month. And if he doesn't, then he's screwed.
- And in a style update, Newsday's political blog, Politarazzi, learns that Mayor Bloomberg has been wearing a worn, leather jacket for over a year. Politarazzi first thought the leather jacket was the brainchild of a stylist for the Mayor's campaign brochure, to have the Mayor fit in with blue collared types. Gothamist guarantees that leather jacket was artfully distressed by only the most expensive jacket distressers...there's no way Bloomberg's staff went to Sears to pick up a jacket for him.