2007_02_rudyjudi.JPGIt's total News Corp. synergy! Rudy Giuliani teased his presidential campaign plans for the gazillionth time to Sean Hannity on Fox News last night, but let's talk about the nutty Post cover of Giuliani and wife Judi Nathan making out. Okay, they aren't making out - it's apparently an arty photograph for the next issue of Harper's Bazaar. Even though the picture makes us want to dig out our eyes, Judi looks like a foxy femme fatale. And then we read the Post article:

"I've always liked strong, macho men, and Rudy - I'm not saying this because he's my husband - is one of the smartest people on the planet," gushed the former Judith Nathan to Harper's Bazaar in editions due out Feb. 20.

"What people don't know is that Rudy's a very, very romantic guy. We love watching 'Sleepless in Seattle.' Can you imagine my big testosterone-factor husband doing that?"

Describing Rudy, a former federal prosecutor, as "the Energizer Bunny with no rechargeable batteries," Judi said, "One of the most remarkable things about my husband, who sleeps three or four hours a night, is his energy level and stamina.

"I truly believe that one of the keys to a successful marriage is not trying to change your partner: This is the person I fell in love with. And I married a man who loves to work, never takes time off, because if you like what you do, you won't need to.

"He's also a great listener, rather unusual for such a decisive action person, and very loving - never forgetting anything, obsessing over gifts, wanting to get everyone something they really like," Judi Giuliani said. "

Okay, that's great, Rudy's an awesome gift giver. But next President of the United States? And having a lot of testosterone? Sure, male baldness is linked to having lots of testosterone, but hold your horses, lady.

Mrs. Giuliani was in NH when Rudy made an analogy between NYC and Iraq.