One of the consequences of the many, many snow storms we've been hit with this winter is an abundance of collapsing roofs. And judging by all the collapses in the past week, your roof very well may be collapsing as we type, and you won't even know it (unless you have a magical dog)!

Yesterday, the buildup of snow and ice caused the roof of a one-story vacant building in Ozone Park to "pancake" and collapse. The day before, half of the roof of a building at Vanderbilt Museum in Long Island collapsed. Earlier this week, a barn roof collapse in Saratoga County resulted in 25 cows being killed. Even roofing companies are in danger: Skyway Roofing in Menands saw their roof collapse on Wednesday.

Accuweather has some "helpful" tips on how to avoid their fate, including "safety first," "determine the tools needed for snow removal," and "proper attire." We recommend that if you do have a roof, try to pay attention to the conditions up above lest some horrible collapse occurs on your proverbial game day. Here's what's really been bugging us for years: why isn't rooves considered the plural of roofs anymore?