Expect a lot of hubbub around Rockefeller Center this morning - an 88 foot Norway spruce is arriving from Ridgefield, Connecticut to be the official Christmas Tree. Owner Rob Kinnaird told reporters how he grew up with the 9-ton tree ("My sandbox and glide ride [jungle gym] used to be next to the tree.") and that he was excited for the tree to will be in New York.

The tree should be arriving now; a spike is supposed to be driven into the tree around 10AM and a crane will lift the tree in place at 10:30AM. And the Swarovski crystal tree topper arrived yesterday as well - the star is 9 feet talls and weighs 550 pounds. The tree will officially be lit on November 29 (and there will be performances from Lionel Richie, Christina Aguilera, Better Midler and Sting).

Photograph of the 2006 Rockefeller Christmas Tree being lifted from its old home in Ridgefield, Conneticut by Douglas Healey/AP