2008_12_mrsastor.jpgOver a year after Brooke Astor's death, journalist Meryl Gordon has published a book, Mrs. Astor Regrets, about the battle over the philanthropist's care and finances during her final years. The Post excerpted some juicy parts last month, but this Janet Maslin's review of the biography offered this interesting insight: "Many of those interviewed seem tone-deaf to their own gushing excesses and overwhelmed by displays of largess. About Ms. De la Renta’s literally gilded childhood: 'Dinner guests still recall the stacks of gold Krugerrands used as table décor and given away as party favors.'” And the saga surrounding Brooke Astor's legacy is far from over: Her son Anthony Marshall was indicted on criminal charges relating to how his mother's will was handled (believed to be forged to benefit him) last year.