Former gubernatorial candidate, homemade porn star, and facial hair expert Jimmy McMillan will be in next year's mayoral race to liven things up. He told Politicker last night, "I am entering the race for mayor. I’m very upset at all the candidates running. No one has said anything about the people and they’re all thinking that what I did in 2010 in the gubernatorial debate was just a big bunch of talk. They’re all business as usual, rent going up and nobody tackling that matter." In other words, Christine Quinn—WATCH YOUR BACK.

McMillan made the announcement during a concert at a Lower East Side bar where he performed "songs that seemed to fall somewhere between spoken word and rap." He also complained, "They’re talking about raising the minimum wage. They want to raise the minimum wage when the owner of the restaurant, of the store rent just went up. How could he pay? So, we’ve got some serious problems."

Oh, and even though McMillan previously discussed running for president (on the Republican ticket), he's more resigned now, "President Barack Obama messed up. Republican Party had a chance to beat him. … But when the Republican Party decided to choose Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney said he don’t support the very poor. How can I support him? So, even though Barack Obama don’t know what he’s doing, I have no choice but to vote for Barack Obama to keep the Republican Party out."