Gothamist loves our readers. Check out this email we received, subject titled "The Rats are Real," in response to our post yesterday about the Upper West Side rat situation:

Dear Gothamist,

If you haven't walked down 108th street between Broadway and Amsterdam after nightfall, then you can't understand how bad the Rat situation really is. I am a statistics masters student at Columbia, and over the past 4 months I have seen a mean 10.2 and median 8.0 rats per night when coming home along that block after 8pm. It is a total disaster. From what I hear, it is even worse on the west side north of 125th.

It's been a while since Gothamist has had a stats class, but even we know that a mean 10.2/median 8 rat is really really bad. Why isn't Columbia doing more about it? There are smart scientists there, can't they figure out how to make a deratification machine? We need The Columbia Spectator to bring some old fashioned, muckracking student journalism to this issue!

Photograph of rat smoking a posthumous cigarette from Jason Toney, editor of LAist