Maybe it's because we wrote about the city's corporation counsel yesterday (the corporation counsel handles all litigation the city is in), but we're intrigued by two big lawsuits against the city:

- Some students are suing the city because the Department of Education doesn't accomodate students who have had juvenile offenses, and therefore has been denying them of an adequate education.
- Wesley Snipes's lawsuit claims that the city did not have the jurisdiction to "seek his DNA in a paternity suit" brought forth by a woman Snipes claims "was crack-addicted and mentally ill."

It's Gothamist's hope that the school lawsuit will get the attention the Snipes one does; clearly, one is more important than the other. But can you imagine dealing with Snipes's lawyers? We'd use the "Man, don't go taking out your anger about how sucky Blade: Trinity is on us!"