So in all of the hub-bub in our comments section yesterday about photographs taken at yesterday's rally, we worry you might have missed this gem and its accompanying scene:


From Who Are They's description:

As I swung around the tent, Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson started exiting the rear of the tent. For a few moments it was just me and the Revs - so I took the opportunity to take a bunch of photos. As they started walking away, a white man - who I suspect was an undercover cop (it's all about the footwear) shouted,

“Hey Sharpton, seen Tawana Brawley lately?”

Instantly Rev. Jackson swung around and yelled back, “Yeah man! She was with your mom last night!”

Both men laughed. It was calssic.

End scene.

You can see the rest of plemeljr's photos of the Rev's here.