harlem_rainbow.jpgAfter showering Central Park with 8.38 inches of rain this month Mother Nature decides to end June on a high note. Yesterday's thunderstorm and intense rain were followed by a gorgeous double-rainbow (the faint second bow is outside the main one, trust us!) that Gothamist saw over Harlem. The swampy weather we've had the past week have been pushed out to sea. Today is going to be nearly perfect. Sunny, dry and warm conditions will rule with a high temperature in the lower 80s. Some clouds may appear toward evening but there is no chance of rain. Tomorrow is going to be a slightly warmer repeat of today.

Heat and humidity make a brief return on Sunday. Temperatures will be up around 90. There's a slight chance of a shower or thundershower on Sunday but, as of now, not enough of a chance to alter any outdoor plans. All in all an excellent weekend for cleaning up after the floods upstate and elsewhere, standing on the Shake Shack line (Gothamist predicts it'll be a long one today), or taking in the Subway Series.