In many parts of the country, pigs are viewed as pretty standard fare on any working farm. In New York City, where a pileup of raccoons is enough to electrify the Internet for a solid day, pigs are exotic creatures worthy of the same fanfare as pallas cats and marmosets.

The Prospect Park Zoo is pleased to introduce three brand new Juliana pigs, which are "the smallest breed of miniature pig"—space here being at a premium and all. They grow to less than 65 pounds as adults, so if your heart is set on carrying one home with you in the dead of night, lifting it shouldn't be a problem. (Zoo security might be, though.) Juliana pigs are known for their "wonderful temperaments, curiosity and intelligence." These three—two males and one female—are siblings.

The pigs will be exhibited near goats, sheep, chickens and other domestic animals in the zoo's barn area. Watch some video of your new friends shnorfle around in the grass here: