In this week's weather media wrap up we’d like to discuss the now famous face of Dave Price. This once local weatherman, now the CBS Early Show's national weather guy, seems to be doing quite well for himself. A lot of New Yorkers are ambivalent about Dave and Gothamist understands why. He’s such a nerd and not in the hip way but in the 'a bit clueless to pop culture' way. However, there are some other things that you might not know about him that could help you understand him better AND hopefully like him.

The man did what most people only talk about and that is he made a major life change back in 1995. After spending eight years as a corporate human resources executive at Taco Bell he lost 80 pounds (the old fashioned way… no stomach stapling like his friend over at NBC). With the confidence that comes from such a weight loss, he leapt at the chance to go to Erie Pa to become what else, a weatherman.

You should also know that instead of buying a perfectly bred doggy he helped to save a dog's life by adopting from the ASPCA.

We'll let you read the rest of his bio on your own.

Millhouse, there's hope for you yet.