Thanks to some bad publicity, the MTA has decided to re-hire Sgts. Alvin Taylor and Anddy (Angel) Moreno, who were laid off from their bus driving jobs while serving overseas. The two had originally lost their jobs because of MTA downsizing, and though federal law guarantees members of the military may resume their civilian jobs upon return from deployment, they can't guarantee jobs in companies that have downsized or collapsed. But the MTA pulled some strings, and the two are now under payroll at MTA Bus, an authority where there are job vacancies.

Taylor, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, told the Daily News that news of getting his job back is "very uplifting. I'll be able to continue what I'm doing here with a free mind." TWU Local 100 official Frank Austin was also excited, saying, "I'm glad the MTA has realized that its military personnel deserve to be able to fight for their county without worrying about their well being at home or how their family or children will be supported without them being there."

Taylor and Moreno were just two of hundreds of MTA workers laid off in an attempt to close an $800 million budget gap. They were first on the chopping block since they had held their jobs for the least amount of time, but Daily News nagging can go a long way. We had no idea the MTA was so insecure; maybe we should start nagging about that proposed $1 charge on MetroCard purchases.