"If you get stuck in traffic a little bit this weekend and you see a crew working on the highway or on a street, don't get so angry. It's because these guys are out there doing their jobs." Or so Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall tells the News today.

Seems that the DOT has some extra cash and so is going to start another "pothole blitz," in which 30 crews are sent out daily to fill "more than 1,200 of the craters with 90 tons of asphalt each day." To which we say, woop! We may not drive but some of the potholes we see regularly are scary.

According to 311 the city normally takes an average of "four days to repair potholes reported to 311," with 98% of all complaints filled within 30 days. Good, but apparently not good enough, so let the pothole blitz of 2006 begin!

Also, Gothamist on giant street sinkholes, the pothole blitz of 2004, it's effectiveness, and pothole tracking. Not to mention a nice old News story on how potholes are patched.

Finally, you can report potholes to the DOT here or just call 311.

Pothole from supertremendus' flickr stream.