2006_11_portapotty.jpgNever one to let a good story end after one day, the Post has a follow-up to the shocking story of an 80 year old cemetery worker attacking a young man - after he peed in the urn of the young man's grandmother's tombstone! The Post delivered a port-a-potty to Washington Cemetery yesterday. But no one really wanted the unexpected present: "Ungrateful employees of the Washington Cemetery in Bensonhurst cursed and angrily spurned the delivery of a blue portable toilet for groundskeeper James Scott, 80."

Scott, who was arrested for assault and criminal possession of a weapon (the rake he allegedly used to hit 28 year old Itomor Khaimov), claims that Khaimov's story is "pack of lies," saying, "I never hit the guy and I am certain I did not urinate on the grave. I was attacked, and this fellow, he said, 'You pissed on my grandmother's grave.' It's a lie. I did not." Khaimov, though, stands by his story is very angry at Scott's and the cemetery's behavior.

Next, we expect the Post to send a urologist to meet with Scott (Khaimov says that Scott told him he peed in the urn because he's 80 years old and had to go).