The United States Postal Service might be in need of some extra cash, but it looks like they've still got plenty of IRL Newmans on payroll. A postal worker has been accused of hiding over 2,500 pieces of mail in his car and home since the summer for "personal reasons." At least they weren't all Victoria's Secret catalogs (probably).

The Post reports that Queens resident Warren Edwards was arraigned this week after authorities discovered he'd failed to deliver hundreds of pieces of mail intended for his route in Linden Hill. Officials claim the 20-year-veteran had been hiding the mail in his personal car and home since July, and he allegedly told authorities he'd been hoarding other people's correspondence for "personal reasons," whatever those may be.

Oh, but there's more! On Tuesday, Far Rockaway postal worker Ashley Robinson allegedly admitted in court that she stole $80,000 in cash from money orders from or for individuals on her route. And all of this still pales in comparison to the sad story of Joseph Brucato, a Brooklyn mailman who was found with nearly a decade's worth of undelivered mail stashed in his home, car and locker in September.

Though Brucato was suspended without pay, Edwards remains on payroll, at least until USPS figures out what's going on with all these errant mailpeople. After all, when you control the mail, you control information.