2008_03_popeben.jpgNext month, Pope Benedict XVI will be coming to the Big Apple for his first papal visit. And amongst the gifts he receives will be a skateboard designed by young New Yorker.

The Archdiocese of New York is holding a Papal Visit Skateboard Art Design Contest. Really. Fr. Peter Pomposello of St. Elizabeth's in Washington Heights told NY1, "The Holy Father talks about meeting people where they're at within their culture - and skateboarding is the culture of the time for today’s teenagers. With iPods and text messaging - skateboards are their thing.” Hey, where's the contest for designing a papal avatar?

Many of the skateboards feature the papal motto, "Christ Our Hope," and the winning skateboard's designer will receive three tickets to a youth rally in Yonkers on April 19. The Pope will also visit Ground Zero, address the United Nations and hold mass at Yankee Stadium.