2005_10_terrortiprich.jpgNot only to the rich get tax breaks, they get advanced warning on subway threats that turn out to be kind of unfounded! The Daily News delves into the emails floating around in rarefied circles, where people with Department of Homeland Security connections frantically emailed friends and family, telling them not to take the subway. Let's break down the "rich and well-connected were tipped off" facet: Given that WNBC had information about the terror alert but held the information at the request of the NYPD, Gothamist can only imagine that anyone who works in the WNBC news department and their social circles knew about the terror threat. And somehow, all these people forgot to email the bloggers, probably realizing that we should be left to wither. However, Gothamist will be looking for a sugar daddy or mommy to get us on the list.

Anyway, we'd assume that people working in media and the government are better off and more connected than most, but the News' claim that there was a "select crowd of business and arts executives" who got the email seems a bit exaggerated. And telling people not to take the subway through Times Square, Herald Square, Union Square? Ha! Snopes has information about the email.