Times Square terror drill; Photo: cityrag

After Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge told America that there may be terror attacks to thwart the upcoming election as well as the Republican National Convention here, Police Commissioner Kelly immediately assured New Yorkers that we're still pretty safe, saying "There is no specific information of a pending terrorist attack on the RNC or New York City." Commissioner Kelly trusts his information (and the NYPD is getting information from the various other federal agencies) is high quality, so, NYC will stay at our elevated Orange Alert level. The MTA won't be raising their alert level either (Gothamist didn't realize the MTA had alert levels also - maybe we should develop some for ourselves). There are also hypotheses that the terror alert warning from Secretary Ridge was to take some steam out of Kerry-Edwards ticket's big week; we can't wait to see the new poll numbers.

Of course, the convention is causing all sorts of chaos in others ways: NJ commuters can't take the NJ Transit into Manhattan - they'll be going to Hoboken first then taking the PATH in. the NY Times' map showing where and when the various parties are being held during the Republican National Convention is more like a "Places To Avoid" guide. cityrag has been following the terror drills in midtown (with lots of photos, like the one above). Honestly, Gothamist thinks we see a terror drill every day. Wednesday, about thirty police cars, lights and sirens blazing, sped down Sixth Avenue, and this morning, fifteen police cars were parking themselves in a special formation near Grand Central. What happening?