2007_01_publictoilet.jpgWe've been wondering about the new public toilets ever since they were previewed last year. When are they coming? And how fast will they get wrecked? The Daily Intelligencer now reports that there are some concerns about the public toilets from City Council members. Members were asked to nominated two sites for potential potties, but some aren't interested.

Councilwoman Jessica Lappin who covers Midtown East and the Upper East Side, said, "There isn’t really an appropriate Upper East Side location that leaps to mind." That may be, but it also seemed snotty, until we realized there are issues with pottie zoning. Here are some permissible locations for public toilets

a. On wide streets, only in commercial, manufacturing or mixed use districts
b. On sidewalks or plazas adjacent to property owned or leased by a government agency or public authority, or under the jurisdiction of the EDC.
c. On traffic islands or public places bounded on all sides by mapped streets under the jurisdiction of the Department.
d. On or adjacent to parks property of playgrounds, subject to the approval of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Imagine, a public potty on a Park Avenue traffic median! Gale Brewer, who reps the West Side, though, is eager for fellow members to decline potties: “When I heard some council members don’t want them, I said, ‘Oh, great, more for my district!’ ”

The APT - "Automatic Public Toilet" - may be installed on the east side of Madison Square Park (Danny Meyer was probably lobbying for that), while the second public toilet might be in the Bronx on Fordham Road. The Grimshaw-designed steel-and-glass toilet structures cost 25 cents for 15 minutes and the door will automatically open.