The Citi Bike rack in front of The Plaza hotel isn't going anywhere. Unlike the racks in Greenwich Village and the West Village that were shrunk thanks to deep-pocketed residents, the DOT and the City are refusing to compromise. “There were settlement discussions with the hope of a different setup, but the city recently and most unfortunately terminated them,” the Plaza's attorney, Steven Sladkus tells the Post.

“It’s a shame that they’ve drawn their iron curtain. The turnaround seems awfully fishy,” Sladkus added.

You might remember Sladkus' name because he has turned the threat of Citi Bike litigation into a tidy profit. Yet this past fall the city fought a lawsuit against the racks in Petrosino Square and won.

“We are confident the court will uphold the placement of the Grand Army Plaza Station as rational and appropriate, allowing this popular station to remain in place,” a Law Department spokesperson said.

The DOT has found its Citi Spines. No quarter for NIMBYs.