Nobody doubted nor questioned how Picasso was able to paint thousands and thousands of works in his lifetime. And yet Dr. Boris Sachakov, the Picasso of proctology, was arrested yesterday and charged with $3.5 million in Medicare fraud, stemming from the 6,593 hemorrhoidectomies and other procedures he performed in a year long period, according to the Daily News.

Sachakov, who performed his art at the Colon and Rectal Care of New York in Brighton Beach, was a tireless solo practitioner who fought for his patients—he claims to have performed 85 hemorrhoidectomies worth $60,020 in bills on one patient alone in a 20 month period. But who are we to question genius? According to his billings, he occasionally was forced to perform for more than 24-hours straight. But this is because he was so dedicated to his true calling!

It was between February 2009 and January 2010 that he truly ascended to the next level, allegedly performing 6,593 procedures in that blindingly brief period; the next busiest proctology clinic in the country during that time billed Medicare for a mere 381 procedures—because they recognized they'd never have the gifts that Sachakov had! Sachakov, 41, faces ten years in prison if convicted of the Medicare fraud, but the greater damage would be to our society; the loss of such an artist would be profound, and deeply felt in the bowel of our collective souls.