2007_02_ammo.jpgA bizarre story: A cleaning crew found a loaded ammo clip in a seat-back pocket aboard an American Airlines jet at JFK Airport last month. Yes, a clip with 26 bullets, apparently for a Glock, was found, and investigators don't think it's from a sky marshal. Which means someone managed to get a clip aboard a plane when ammunition is not allowed. And we were worried about saline solution and lip balm a couple months ago?

The Post says the plane had stopped in Miami and San Juan before landing in NYC; the plane had also been cleaned in Santo Domingo, so authorities are checking over that flight's manifest as well. This is also like something in the movies, where the guns are planted by someone on the inside.

Whether or not it was a screening lapse by the Transportation Security Administration is unclear, but the TSA is not that great an agency. Federal agents were able to sneak fake guns and explosives through Newark last year 20 out of 22 times, and the TSA even paid the head of security at Newark for 10 months after he was ousted!