The election may be a half-remembered fever dream at this point, but that doesn't make Jimmy McMillan any less hilarious. So the Daily News put together this article, proving that if you give New Yorkers a venue to bitch about their rent, they will take a mile. And though we learned that rent is too high everywhere back in April, that doesn't mean it's any less true now! One person paying $900 a month for a one-bedroom in Flatbush said, "One bedroom used to cost $300; now it's $900. The landlords don't make any repairs. They ask for Manhattan prices and give you a ghetto treatment."

Prices range from an average of $2,000 a month in Greenwich Village to an average of $600 a month in Hunts Point, but New York still has just about the highest cost of living in the country. But as we've heard time and again, it's all about location location location. "The psychology for a lot of people is to be in Manhattan or hipper parts of Brooklyn. People will live out in Queens, but they've got different priorities. It's been this way for a long time," says Alicia Schwartz, director of And don't forget, the South Bronx (ugh, "SoBro") will totally happen!