NY State Police say that there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of methamphetamine labs this year from last year. In 2011, troopers answered 45 reports of labs making meth; this year, there have been over a hundred so far. Is it possible that the critical success of AMC's prestige show about meth-peddling science teacher Walter White could be influencing and inspiring disgruntled high school instructors and green bean-loving dropouts to take a crack at creating their own highly pure blue stuff? Or is it more likely that meth is just really addictive and really popular? Either way, hopefully they are familiar with the laws about private domiciles:

For you Breaking Bad fans, here's a little tip we discovered this week: right around the time the show started, AMC set up a blog for Walt (Walt's World: Dead Man Blogging). Best of all, there's a feature that allows you to send someone a "personalized message from Walter White" that still works. Go here and fill out the requisite information to freak out your friends, and check out two we did below.