2008_09_luggage.jpgThe Queens DA announced that two American Airlines baggage handlers at JFK Airport were charged with stealing $280,000 of jewelry from a suitcase checked in and bound for Los Angeles. Apparently Albert Acevedo and Angelo Riviello had a code to let each other know about certain bags; in this instance, Riviello said, "Wow, that’s heavy," and Acevedo, baggage crew head, came over and opened the bag. Acevedo took some of the suitcase's envelopes and later told a colleague, “I made a good find today. These rings add up to $1000.” Riviello later admitted to hiding his take of the jewelry in his microwave while Acevedo admitted he put his stash under his bathroom sink. The Post says the victim is "gem merchant David Diamond," who alerted the police when he bag went missing.