The Public Advocate race is not getting the attention of the Mayoral or Comptroller ones, but did you realize that if something happens to the Mayor, the next in the line of succession is the Public Advocate? So tune into tonight's Official Campaign Finance Board Democratic Public Advocate debate at 7 PM!

The debate will be broadcast on TV (tune into NY1/NY1 Noticias), on the radio (listen to WNYC) and streamed online (Gothamist will have an embed). Or head to one of the CFB's watch parties (there's one at Therapy Wine Bar). We'll also be liveblogging! Here are some of the top questions that were submitted by the public—you may hear some of them during the debate:

"Do you support an independent inspector general for the NYPD?"

"Do you support congestion pricing?"

Pedestrian/Cyclist issues:
- "On average, one pedestrian or cyclist is killed on New York City streets every two to three days. How would you use your office to advocate for better enforcement of traffic laws and safer street designs?"
- "Do you favor an increase in funding for the Accident Investigation Squad, and directing AIS to investigate all accidents which include a serious injury (rather than just deaths)?"
- "Would you advocate for a redesign of major thoroughfares, like Queens Boulevard, Atlantic Avenue and the Grand Concourse, along Complete Street principals to make them safer for pedestrians and bicyclists?"
- "What specific things have you done during your career to make NYC streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists?"

"Do you support NYCHA's recently announced plans to build market rate apartments on public housing parking lots and playgrounds?"

"Do you support eliminating mandatory parking minimums for new buildings?"

"How would you increase transparency in New York City government for citizens and the press?"

"Income equality is the most pressing issue in NYC. Bloomberg courted billionaires and developed luxury housing. How will the candidates address the issue of income inequality and help the middle class, and even the upper middle class?"

"Do you support the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana in New York City?"

"Manhattan has always been strong and Brooklyn had quickly come to life. How would you support economic development in the Bronx and Queens?"

"Do you support schools distributing "morning after pills" without parental consent?"

"Do you support or oppose term limits for NYC politicians?"

"Do you support tax breaks to keep corporations in NYC? What about for movies being filmed in NYC?"

The candidates are Cathy Guerriero, City Council Member Letitia James, Reshma Saujani, State Senator Daniel Squadron, and Sidique Wai. According to the current Public Advocate (Bill de Blasio)'s website, here's what a Public Advocate does:

The job of the Public Advocate is, most fundamentally, that of a watchdog, ensuring that all New Yorkers receive the City services they deserve and have a voice in shaping the policies of their government.

As an ex-officio member of all Council committees with the power to introduce legislation, the Public Advocate is an important participant in the legislative process. Through the office's powers of appointment, the Public Advocate also influences City planning, the budget process, and the management of retirement funds.