After dropping his daughters off at school in Chicago this morning, President-elect Barack Obama and Michelle Obama flew to Washington D.C. to visit the White House. President George Bush and Obama are expected to discuss transition while the First Lady Laura Bush will give Michelle Obama a tour of the White House and private residence.

2008_11_bushob3.jpg The Caucus says the Obamas were "10 minutes early, a move sure to please the always-punctual President Bush." Politico's Mike Allen writes, "The rite-of-passage meeting allows the president-elect to keep his bipartisan halo at a time when he is assembling a tough White House team. And it lets the Bush administration look more gracious than Clinton staffers, who bitterly left the White House amid rancor over the recount."

Here's video of the two couples meeting as well as the President and President-elect walking towards the Oval Office.

Several hundred people gathered outside the White House for a glimpse of Obama, including students from NYC on a field trip. Thirteen-year-old Rawshan Mobin, from the Campus Magnet High School in Queens, told the Washington Post, "What I hope to see is the first black president of the United States and the current president of the United States have a mutual agreement and exchange opinions. It is a very historic day."