2014_09_nypdl.jpgThe NYPD is really getting into this Twitter thing, and now the department has launched an account just about the L train. Today they're handing out fliers to L train riders in order to increase their follower count, which seems a tad desperate—can't they just buy followers like the rest of us?

The natural uses of the account are to alert riders of the extremely popular line about suspects in specific crimes—like person wanted for an iPad snatching at the Graham Avenue stop or a chain snatching at Atlantic Avenue—and other public safety matters (it's National Preparedness Week!).

There's also some transit nostalgia (RIP, Redbirds):

Time will tell whether @NYPDLTrain will participate in the most L train social media habit of all—bitching about the L train. Is @NYPDLTrainShuttleBus available?