While NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton was beseeching the City Council for more money to hire more cops to handle "the terrorism picture in this city," his handpicked deputy was busy designing an expensive Zumba studio in 1 Police Plaza.

According to the Post, Deputy Commissioner of Personnel Michael Julian spent $60,000 on exercise mats and flat-screen TVs to outfit a basement room in NYPD headquarters to be used for Zumba.

[Julian] was so proud of the setup that he gave Bratton a tour — but the commissioner ripped him for blowing the cash.

“That’s not what I wanted!” snapped Bratton, who ordered the equipment torn out and had the room locked, the sources said.

Julian, who worked for Bratton at the NYPD in the early '90s, was hired back this fall to "review use-of-force protocols" and help retrain the department after Eric Garner's death. He then went on to order 10,000 breath mints to hand out to police officers in an effort to cut back on cursing, and then suggested that Black Lives Matter protesters should be sprayed with baby oil so that police could separate them easier.

After those two proposals failed, Julian was transferred from his position as head of training to his current position as the head of personnel; the NYPD's top spokesman said it was "essentially a promotion."

The Tagatay Police Department in the Philippines appears to get by just fine without a five-figure dance studio.

[UPDATE] NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis tells Newsweek that construction on the fitness room isn't expected to begin until July, and that “There has been no capital expenditure dedicated to this area yet. Police Commissioner Bratton was made aware of this plan and does not have any issues with it."