[Update below] While the national Women's March on Washington has drawn about 500,000 people from all 50 states down to DC, the New York City women's march is also looking at huge crowds standing in support of Planned Parenthood, reproductive rights, equal pay and against racial discrimination.

Attendees and witnesses are tweeting pictures of gathered crowds stretching on for blocks at a time from 47th Street and 2nd Avenue to Trump Tower, and one organizer has put the number of first wave attendees at 200,000 (the march is being broken into waves due to the number of people who had expressed interest in attending, which was originally pegged at 100,000):

Marchers are packing Grand Central, closing their business for the day to join in, and preparing on the subway:

Chants include "Donald Trump go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay." "We are women/hear us roar." "Hey, hey, what do we say/Women's rights are here to stay" and a "My body, my choice/Her body, her choice" call and response. According to our own Nathan Tempey, the vibe is more of a "parade/group stroll than a typical protest march" and a number of families and elderly marchers can be seen in the crowd.

Also, Yoko Ono is there:

[Update 3:54 p.m.] Marchers keep spilling into the streets, and organizers have now pegged turnout at more than 300,000 people.

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Additional reporting from Jake Dobkin