The New York Times conducted various polls about how New Yorkers feel about Mayor Bloomberg and his policies so far and the consensus is that there is no consensus. While more people approve of him than they did last June (38%, up from the lowest ever for a mayor 24%) and many feel the economy is doing better, they are still wary of his handling of the schools as well as effort to develop the West Side. The poll also shows that many don't want him reelected, but many New Yorkers don't really care about the Democratic challengers. This seems to fit in with Gothamist's impression of Mayor Bloomberg: Clearly a smart man, he's kind of all over the place - we can't get a clear picture of him or what he stands for. Is this because he's a business leader, versus a seasoned politician whose views seem much more ingrained in his/her personality? Maybe it's because we don't know what Mayor Bloomberg's personality is - he's a little vague. Probably a nice man, you know, picks up after his dog, but what is he about, really? And why won't he let Gothamist know what his nickname is?

Gothamist can't help but be reminded of Steinhauer's analysis of the Mayor's attempt to "establish" his charisma in the minds of New Yorkers, especially the part about his struggle to physically express emotions: "His face often remins screwed in the same sideways grin, whether he is giving a speech to business leaders, playing a game of boccie in Corona or talking to third graders in the South Bronx." Gothamist calls this the Bloomberg Billionaire Poker Face.

Some of the numbers from the Times:
46% of New Yorkers disapprove, while 38% approve, the way the Mayor is handling the school system
63% support ending social promotion
66% approve the smoking ban
71% favor NYC bidding for the 2012 Olympics
45% support while 43% do not support building Jets Stadium on the West Side

How do you feel about Mayor Bloomberg? Do you know "what he's about"?